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United States and the European Union, a Brazilian daily reported Thursday. According to the State of Sao Paulo, Russian officials met on Wednesday with a Brazilian delegation to d

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aid SSPE in a statement. The bus belonging to "Transportes Frontera" company, was destined from Monterrey, capital of the northern state of Nuevo Leon, to Huejutla, in the central

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people are in a better condition to face a day of work and return to their leisure and to their homes earlier," she added. Rousseff's push for better public transport came in the

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as G5+1. "We expect to see concrete commitments from Iran that it will come clean on its nuclear program and live up to its international obligations," she said. Clinton said on S

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- Americans are more positive about the market for quality jobs than they have been at any time in the post-crisis era, according to a latest Gallup poll released on Wednesday. The

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and " we are very grateful," she added. Chile has received aid from 86 nations and 16 non-government organizations. Bachelet also highlighted aid from Bolivia, sent by both Chilea

er. On June 25, at the World Trade Organization's Government Procurement Committee, Canada submitted an intervention registering its concerns over attempts by the U.S. to prevent